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The Monthly Connection e-Newsletter- November 2013 DCRC Weekly: 11/11/13 DCRC Weekly: 11/4/13 October Grassroots Exchange Meeting Notes DCRC Weekly: 10/28/13 The Monthly Connection e-Newsletter- October 2013 DCRC Weekly: 10/7/13 DCRC Weekly: 9/30/13

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Outpatient Commitment and House Joint Resolution 17

Here is a great perspective on outpatient commitment, from the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law. Delaware’s House Joint Resolution 17 Study Group will be making a recommendation to our state legislature this January on how Delaware will move on this issue. Interestingly, the state legislature in Connecticut chose not to adopt outpatient commitment […]

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Article on Deinstitutionalization

Prof. Samuel Bagenstos has announced the final, published version of his article, The Past and Future of Deinstitutionalization Litigation, 34 Cardozo L. Rev. 1 (2012), here. To read the complete article click on this link: ABSTRACT Two conflicting stories have consumed the academic debate regarding the impact of deinstitutionalization litigation. The first, which has risen almost to the […]

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Action Alert Re: HR 3717

Two days ago, Rep. Tim Murphy released a sweeping, but regressive bill to “fix the broken mental health system.” He tellingly named it the “helping families in mental health crisis act.” It is House Resolution 3717. Provisions in his bill promote coercive treatment, weaken rights protections and terminate grants for recovery programs. (Read more below.) […]

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